Learning Photography

Photography is a constant learning experience.  If you’ve don’t is for 20 years you are still learning something new…if you’re doing it right.  If you are starting out everything is new and often confusing.  To help with that I have created three classes that cover everything I think you might need.  All hands on so charge your batteries and bring your camera bag!!!


1on1 Private Session

(5 hours in studio)

By far the most asked for workshop.  Five hours of customized instruction that can include anything from how does my camera work, to lighting, to marketing, work flow, and retouching.  Unless you just don’t need to shoot I suggest a model.  Once you have booked a date we will chat on the phone so I can get an idea of what you’ll be wanting to learn in our session.

Lighting rules!The sooner you book the more date options you’ll have!!  If you are wanting a model you can bring your own or pick one from the models listing and give me a couple dates that work for you so I can coordinate with the model.  Models usually charge around $100 for 2 hours, more if you want nude lighting.  Calendar

Workshop – Photography/Lighting/Editing

(5 hours with model for 2 hours)

Limited to 5 photographers so everyone gets to shoot a lot, ask a lot of questions, and generally learn for five full hours.  It’s high paced yet relaxed in that I always take the time to answer any questions or even demonstrate the answer.  We cover the basics of the gear, spend a lot of time doing various lighting options, even outside with a speed light, and then relax at the workstation for a while and we share editing tools and techniques.

Artistic Nude Lighting and Editing

(5 hours with model for 3 hours)

Art, since the beginning of time, has been practiced on the human body.  The curves and shapes are THE challenge when it comes to lighting to get what you want.  This is the most intense lighting workshop I offer.  We shoot with a model for 3 hours and then go to post processing and see what options we have in Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC to turn our shots into works of art…assuming they aren’t already!